10 Year Anniversary

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It's been 10 years since I joined this wonderful site! I'll be posting a much-delayed game shortly to celebrate. In fact, it's the one I alluded to in my 5 year anniversary post. Let's see if I fare better this time!


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Congrats on the milestone, sergiocornaga! I'd like to add that personally, your works and constructive critique have been inspirational to me and the pieces and games I've made throughout the years I've spent visiting GT.

Looking forward to your anniversary game, and to 10 more years of your energies and efforts. :D

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You are one of the Pillars of the Community. Not only the Glorious Trainwrecks community, or the weird/alt/trash(if you want to accept that label) communities, or the indie community, but just communities in general. I have known of your various icons since the TIGSource Forum days, and soon found you on deviantArt (or, I think you found me?). You are internet people glue! Through your games, your blogs, your zines, and your general presence, you have encouraged others to make more, especially me! I it was nice coming to this website and finding a friendly face, and if I hadn't see you or if you didn't so generously make that page for Breaking Bread, who knows if I would have stuck around this website for Quite This Long. But I have, and you have, and I'm excited to see your cool game. :-)

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Happy 10th! Good luck on the game!