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I wanted to make something for the "Pre-fright Check-in" jam but I started late and didn't work very hard. It's just an old-skool website, really, and some things I find scary to think about. Death and existence, you know. Here's the frame I wrote for the game:

In 1999 the Perfetti Van Melle corporation, in collaboration with the Baudelaire estate, ran a promotion called "Mementos® Mori." The promotion consisted of a limited edition naphthalene flavor of their popular mentos® candy called "Ail-mints." Printed on the inside wrapper of each such roll of "Ail-mints" was a depressing tidbit meant to "chill the very soul of the reader as that ... peppermint candy chills their taste buds."

A promotional website was also created, featuring some examples of text from the promotion, as was the style at the time. A miserable failure, the website was quickly scrubbed from the mentos® website and was never mentioned again. Recently a copy of it turned up on a CD-ROM among the possessions of the late Mr Guy Dupré. He was believed to be 82 at time of passing and was survived by no immediate family.

The restored website is shown above.


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I think about all of these

I think about all of these things a lot too. The bottom-right page's quote especially stands out since it's a scary thing to consider but it's not a subject I'm personally used to seeing presented in a horror/Halloween type setting. The (naphthalene?) flavor text is really good too.

Also legit laugh out loud at "the freshmaker" tag.

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Fantastic! Highly

Fantastic! Highly imaginative recreation of the thought processes and design ethos of a less than top rank advertising company in the relatively early days of web marketing. Or at least of our collective memories of such things. I loved it.

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I feel like maybe this

I feel like maybe this doesn't look like it's supposed to in Firefox…

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oh, womp womp. Should be

oh, womp womp. Should be fixed now. Thanks for letting me know!

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This is legitimately scary! I think a lot of it has to do with the music and all the darkness, but a lot of it is the music. It feels ridiculous to be slightly scared by this game because of "the candy theme". I think I'm going to buy some Mentos now, you just advertised for them, I hope you are happy. :-)