Skeleton Game

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this is an instructional game for what to do when i die
don't worry, i am not planning on dying any time soon
but if i die unexpectedly, this is what you do
maybe like this is a loose guideline,
i don't really remember what it says at this point,
i made it a while ago
basically put my body in one of those decomposition forests
and then make sure that my skeleton goes on an adventure
and turn that adventure into a fmv game
i would really appreciate that, thanks
this is the 100th thing i have uploaded to this website,

blake's skeleton

photos by steven herzog and logan green
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An event


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a modern memento mori. the

a modern memento mori. the midwest emo kinda music sets the mood better than some sad Bach shit would have. I guess i will be sad if u died but i guess thats the purpose of a memento mori. this is better than persona 3 i think