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A short game where you have to strategically blow up buildings.

I made this cause I built a pretty slick physics system in Go! Collect Some Stars! and realised I could have a ton of crates on screen at one time, so made a game designed around that.

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An event


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I played a bit of this until I got to a really long platforming bit and I failed and had to restart. You did this for sylvie's jam on twitter right? What I like is this feels somewhere between yours and her style of game. Like, this is a very classic video gamey-game if you know what I mean? I would love to see more things like this. I will play this more later.

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This definitely has the best

This definitely has the best title screen I've seen in a good while.
And I did not expect a pirate/cyborg feud

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It's "the bomb"

I had meant to play this for a while because of how cool the .gif/title screen was, so tonight I finally got around to mostly completing it (didn't get 8000 points yet). I also played a bit of Go! Collect Some Stars. The explosions caused crazy slowdown on my laptop but I found this to be really amusing and kind of added a sense of panic surrounding whether or not I'd be blown up, like when things go slow in a movie right before something horrible happens. Maybe. I don't watch a lot of movies so I could be making that up. But this is a good, funny game and I really liked the choice of music too.

If the character is standing between two objects while they're holding something, and then you drop the item so it lands on top of them (not pressing any arrow keys) they'll be quickly pushed rightward until there's nothing overlapping them or they hit the entire other side of the level (if objects span the width of the area they were standing on), and in the latter case you'll have to kind of "dig" your way out by picking up whatever's overlapping the character and tossing it until they move again. I'm assuming this was implemented to ensure the player doesn't get stuck inside a wall/object, but it also allows you to glitch around levels, albeit only ever to the right, and I spent a while doing this because I found it to be fun. You could probably make an entire game based around that!

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this is an interesting

this is an interesting observation because the right-shifting when the box lands on you was a known bug I considered doing something about- but I kept it in on purpose because it stopped you getting crushed, and ALSO if you get to the end of topheavy you unlock the infinite crate drop room- where this mechanic actually comes into play in a big way! you get shifted to the right if the room starts to fill up with crates, and this is more fun than if it simply crushed you and game over-d. you can also use it to your disadvantage AND advantage, to escape, build safe areas, for example, and also you can tell how well you're doing by how leftward you are.

thanks for the indepth analysis... it sounds like you got deep into some of the mechanics!