Occult Spreadsheet Synthesizer (for quasiotter)

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A spooky but also klikmas-y tabletop synthesizer. Create noise-scapes and ghostly-janky melodies by inscribing occult insignias into an ancient device once referred to as a "spreadsheet".

See the itch.io page for additional instructions and tips!

Made for the Glorious Trainwrecks Klikmas event 2021.
For quasiotter! I hope you enjoy!

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so i saw this page on my itch.io feed and thought OMG i have to save this page for later!! i didn't check it out because i had a meeting

then i saw my GT inbox and lo and behold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

once i saw my whalesona i almost cried!!!!!!!!! that is so sweet omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok so i'm not a musician at all but i love instruments that loop and where you can play around like this!!!!!!!!!!!!! since i don't have musical talent i just love experimenting and seeing what comes out!!! also the snow and the hand and the oscilloscope and the ... you know basically this just is so cool omg thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you! I'm glad you

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy it! :3
I really fell in love with the spreadsheet idea so I had a lot of fun messing around and trying out stuff in Godot! :)
btw, the other two wishlist items made it in too (kinda): The abstract and mysterious painting/image is the oscilloscope image and the reused asset from a previous game is the hand and also most of the dragging-stuff-around code which I made for a previous project that never got finished. Yeah, this was fun

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Maybe I just like spreadsheets too much, but I reckon it's a pretty good interface for a synth.

BTW I love that you can move the other stuff around. Slight shame the candles don't slowly melt the wires and warp the sound~

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This was really cool! Took

This was really cool! Took me a few minutes to figure out how it worked, but it was satisfying to do that and be able to make some sick beats.

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this is really fun to noodle

this is really fun to noodle with. the closest eurorack module to this would be 'monome teletype' but this one has such a nice wiggly interface.