rotating meadows [for eels]

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rotating meadows screenshot.png

♥ for eels
♥ boardgame in .psd format. .png version also available

♥ request:
Oooh, great idea to request worms Marek, yes.

Things i appreciate in Secret Santa games made for me in 2021:
- noise music (wolf eyes?+) [sorry]
- mid-20th century colorfield painting [bg of many squares]
- graffiti [kinda lol]
- Jorge Luis Borges [story inspired by his works kinda lol]
- recorded vocals [no sorry]
- kites [u]
- a game with lots of dialog or town signs or storefront signs, i guess i'm thinking lots of text too much text [too much text]
- works on linux or on the web [yes]
- archives, museums, libraries [not really sorry]

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This is an incredible gift and game to play

I absolutely loved playing this and made a drawing/diagram as I played and even constructed two whole board games in the course of playing, as instructed on one of the spaces I landed on. I also got two sad points.

I played this game at the 'end of the night' before reading time. Tomorrow I have a medical thing to do and had a lot of anxiety. Playing this felt comforting and lovely. Both because you made it for me, and because it's a lovely game. The concept is simple in a way that feels divine or a part of us and nature. Secondly, the game pulled me away from screen and onto my couch, and into my head, and into my body as the best forms of art, literature, love and food (pizza) can do.

I recently bought some old board games off of eBay that are cooperative and meant to be played by children age 4 and up. They're from the 70s - 90s and part of a cooperative board games scene. I don't know if the little company is still around. It has photocopied instructions, carefully hand cut and glued boards and what was likely expensive to color copy or duplicate at that time. They are made with love and joy in life and community. Your game brought me there too.

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<333333333333333333 very very happ to read this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Images while playing

Images while playing Rotating Meadows:
1. My note-taking while playing
2. While playing the game, one of the spaces instructed me to create two new board games that must be created in a total time less than 17 minutes for the two games. The first I called LSD Musical Chess Simulator and took me 13 minutes.
3. The other board game I made was called Speed Chess and took me 3 minutes
Both of these will be refined slightly and show up on GT later.

Speed Chess, created in 3 minutes2.29 MB
the first game i constructed, LSD Musical Chess Simulator1.69 MB
my note-taking while playing Rotating Meadows2.73 MB
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ok these pics are so good??? making notes on a game i made is such a wonderful thing. omg. and u made 2 boardgames. omg. you are way too cool. wow<3333333333333333333