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rotating meadows [for eels]

rotating meadows screenshot.png

♥ for eels
♥ boardgame in .psd format. .png version also available

♥ request:
Oooh, great idea to request worms Marek, yes.

Things i appreciate in Secret Santa games made for me in 2021:
- noise music (wolf eyes?+) [sorry]
- mid-20th century colorfield painting [bg of many squares]
- graffiti [kinda lol]
- Jorge Luis Borges [story inspired by his works kinda lol]
- recorded vocals [no sorry]
- kites [u]
- a game with lots of dialog or town signs or storefront signs, i guess i'm thinking lots of text too much text [too much text]
- works on linux or on the web [yes]
- archives, museums, libraries [not really sorry]

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Chess Simulation

Screen Shot 2020-02-21 at 12.56.30 AM.png

it's a chess board and pieces
it's based on a chess board i found at a thrift store once
i bought it only for a couple dollars
the pieces look pretty well sculpted or something
i found on ebay that there are others, but the paint is a tiny bit different

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warrior of sunlight


a card game about mysterious visions...

in the sunlit loneliness of the small town, strange gateways open in dreams, like phosphenes of meaning.

cw: general spookiness, mentions of worms

made for marek kapolka as part of sekret santa 2019! ho ho ho

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Liar's Dice II: Honesty Dice?

liarsdice2 logo5.png

A board game partially inspired by the tabletop games that everybody posted here back in August. I dunno if I'll ever participate in a jam because my brain just does not work that way, but that's the nice thing about jams, right? You can still use their prompts way after they're over and create something at your own pace.

Anyway I really like the act of rolling dice, even without it being part of a structured game, so naturally I created a structured game. The rules are sort of a joke but also sort of neat both mechanically and philosophically. It's a roll and move board game, where you move pawns along a board from the start space to the finish space, but instead of moving based on what the dice total is you rate how satisfying it felt to roll the dice from 1 - 10 and move that number of spaces instead.

1+ players

You need:
- The game board
- One pawn for each player
- Any number of dice with any number of shapes, sizes, and sides

RULES: After agreeing on turn order, all players place their pawns on the "start" space.

At the beginning of your turn, pick up any number and combination of dice and roll them simultaneously. Rate how satisfying it was to roll the dice on a scale of 1 - 10, with 1 being not satisfying (or least satisfying) and 10 being very satisfying. Move your pawn a number of spaces equal to your declared level of satisfaction; play then continues to the player to your right.

The first player to reach the "finish" space wins, and is declared "MOST SATISFIED." But be warned! Only a satisfaction rating equal to the exact number of spaces remaining can land you on the "finish" space - no lying! Trying to intentionally make a disappointing roll and succeeding is inherently satisfying, is it not? Tricky...

LEAST <1 - 10> MOST


It sort of encourages self-reflection, letting you analyze your approach to playing games and how to make them more fun for yourself.

The .txt file attached has the rules as listed above but also includes a list of things to consider during/after your die roll to aid you in better rating your experience.

This probably took me about two hours in total to make and 1.75 of those hours were just spent coming up with the list of things to consider. Long post for a short joke game! Yoinks!

Scroungin' 4 Catsup
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Ludus Antioch

Different Color.PNG

This was made by Trouv and Zatherdon for the 2018 collab jam. It's a little bit late (1 month).

Please give your congratulations to Zatherdon, as this is not only his first game on GT, but his first complete game ever! I would have been impressed with his work even if it was his 20th game.

We think it’s best if you go in knowing as little as possible, so the actual game description below can be decoded at

Yhqhf Yngehaphybehz vf n qrnq obneq tnzr sebz gur Ebzna/Olmnagvar Rzcver. Vg jnf n 2-cynlre zvyvgnel fgengrtl tnzr gung vaibyirq pncgherf.

Gur Nagvbpu Rnegudhnxr jnf n gentvp rirag gung bppheerq va 526 N.Q va gur pvgl bs Nagvbpu. Gur rnegudhnxr jnf nyzbfg nf qrinfgngvat nf gur erfhygvat sver. Nobhg 250,000 crbcyr qvrq.

Sbe gur pbyyno wnz, jr gubhtug jr’q erivir Yhqhf Yngehaphybehz juvyr fvzhygnarbhfyl gryyvat gur fgbel bs gur Nagvbpu.

Zatherdon and Trouv
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Dingos and Dungeons Game Night - for mno!


It's Christmas Eve, and that means board game night. One of your friends has brought over a weird game he got while he was studying abroad. None of you have heard of it, but it seems promising?

The back of the box reads:

"BEHOLD, adventurers! A quest like none other! Explore an Australian Outback ruled by mysterious characters and enchanted by magicks arcane such as GATORMANCY, SHIVINATION, and MATH. Lead your heroes through dozens of unique challenges using the unique CARDSTAT system, guaranteeing that no two games will be alike (unlimited* replay value)! Each space offers a new adventure. Will you fist-fight a KANGAROO? Eat a bunch of JAM? Hack the OUTBACK DARKNET? And, at the end of the day, will you adventure competently enough to reach the coveted G'Day Grotto, complete the trials, and retrieve the G'Day Goblet? The choice is YOURS, hero!

This revised edition includes the acclaimed "GOLD COAST OF DEATH" expansion, featuring an in-depth Artifact system.
An RPG from your friends at Reverse Flush Games."

* Might last you 4, maybe 5 games.

Merry Klikmas, mno/Nikki! I hope this game brings you some holiday joy and I wish you all the best in the coming year! :D

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Check the read me! thank you!!

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Card Game

card game.png

like pac guy this was going to be part of a minigame arcade thing in a bigger game I was making, but I gave up on it for now. this is like crazy eights if you ever played it but instead of 8 the wild card is 2. also the suits and numbers are a bit different (the numbers are ancient somali runes foiund in caves), it says the numbers underneath so you know. the hat joker guy (there is no joker card) will say random quips so to keep you engaged. this was made in game maker 8

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