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Liar's Dice II: Honesty Dice?

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A board game partially inspired by the tabletop games that everybody posted here back in August. I dunno if I'll ever participate in a jam because my brain just does not work that way, but that's the nice thing about jams, right? You can still use their prompts way after they're over and create something at your own pace.

Anyway I really like the act of rolling dice, even without it being part of a structured game, so naturally I created a structured game. The rules are sort of a joke but also sort of neat both mechanically and philosophically. It's a roll and move board game, where you move pawns along a board from the start space to the finish space, but instead of moving based on what the dice total is you rate how satisfying it felt to roll the dice from 1 - 10 and move that number of spaces instead.

1+ players

You need:
- The game board
- One pawn for each player
- Any number of dice with any number of shapes, sizes, and sides

RULES: After agreeing on turn order, all players place their pawns on the "start" space.

At the beginning of your turn, pick up any number and combination of dice and roll them simultaneously. Rate how satisfying it was to roll the dice on a scale of 1 - 10, with 1 being not satisfying (or least satisfying) and 10 being very satisfying. Move your pawn a number of spaces equal to your declared level of satisfaction; play then continues to the player to your right.

The first player to reach the "finish" space wins, and is declared "MOST SATISFIED." But be warned! Only a satisfaction rating equal to the exact number of spaces remaining can land you on the "finish" space - no lying! Trying to intentionally make a disappointing roll and succeeding is inherently satisfying, is it not? Tricky...

LEAST <1 - 10> MOST


It sort of encourages self-reflection, letting you analyze your approach to playing games and how to make them more fun for yourself.

The .txt file attached has the rules as listed above but also includes a list of things to consider during/after your die roll to aid you in better rating your experience.

This probably took me about two hours in total to make and 1.75 of those hours were just spent coming up with the list of things to consider. Long post for a short joke game! Yoinks!

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Dice Game - Bonus Letter


BONUS LETTER, a short n' simple dice game played with a single, custom six-sided die. You roll the die, pick a letter from the alphabet, and try to think of a word that starts with the letter you picked, and has the most occurrences of the letter rolled on the die. The more bonus letters in the word you write, the more points you earn. Try to earn the most points by the time you make it through the alphabet!

This game requires that you have a six-sided die, but instead of numbers, the faces will have English letters R, S, T, L, N, and E. Use stickers to cover up the numbers on a regular die if you can't come up with a custom die some other way.

Full instructions and rules variations available at the "game" link above. Enjoy!

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Dice Game - Recycle Dice


RECYCLE DICE, a simple dice game I made, inspired by an old dice game called King and Neighbour. You want to be the first player to cover all the spaces on your game board with Recycle Tokens. This game supports a theoretically-unlimited number of players, but I suppose the upper limit is round 4, 5, or 6 (since players take their turns one at a time and no one wants to wait too long for their turn).

Here's a big version of the game board (it's an image file):

To play this game you need:

  • One game board per player
  • two six-sided dice (2d6)
  • Lots of little tokens: chips, cubes, coins, etc.

Full game rules and game board available at the "game" link above. Enjoy!

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Dice Game - Three Chances


THREE CHANCES, a dice game for two players, on a race to the middle. A downloadable game board graphic is available at the following link (it's an image file):


You'll need the following supplies for the game:

  • the game board for Three Chances
  • two players
  • two six-sided dice (2d6)
  • six counters or pawns of one colour
  • six counters or pawns of another colour

On your turn, you throw the dice, and can move one of your pawns to an adjacent space with a number that:

  • is the same as one of the dice you rolled, OR
  • is the same as the sum of the two dice you rolled.

Full instructions (and come commentary on probability, because I'm a game design nerd) available at the "game" link above. Enjoy!

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