Liar's Dice II: Honesty Dice?

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Scroungin' 4 Catsup

A board game partially inspired by the tabletop games that everybody posted here back in August. I dunno if I'll ever participate in a jam because my brain just does not work that way, but that's the nice thing about jams, right? You can still use their prompts way after they're over and create something at your own pace.

Anyway I really like the act of rolling dice, even without it being part of a structured game, so naturally I created a structured game. The rules are sort of a joke but also sort of neat both mechanically and philosophically. It's a roll and move board game, where you move pawns along a board from the start space to the finish space, but instead of moving based on what the dice total is you rate how satisfying it felt to roll the dice from 1 - 10 and move that number of spaces instead.

1+ players

You need:
- The game board
- One pawn for each player
- Any number of dice with any number of shapes, sizes, and sides

RULES: After agreeing on turn order, all players place their pawns on the "start" space.

At the beginning of your turn, pick up any number and combination of dice and roll them simultaneously. Rate how satisfying it was to roll the dice on a scale of 1 - 10, with 1 being not satisfying (or least satisfying) and 10 being very satisfying. Move your pawn a number of spaces equal to your declared level of satisfaction; play then continues to the player to your right.

The first player to reach the "finish" space wins, and is declared "MOST SATISFIED." But be warned! Only a satisfaction rating equal to the exact number of spaces remaining can land you on the "finish" space - no lying! Trying to intentionally make a disappointing roll and succeeding is inherently satisfying, is it not? Tricky...

LEAST <1 - 10> MOST


It sort of encourages self-reflection, letting you analyze your approach to playing games and how to make them more fun for yourself.

The .txt file attached has the rules as listed above but also includes a list of things to consider during/after your die roll to aid you in better rating your experience.

This probably took me about two hours in total to make and 1.75 of those hours were just spent coming up with the list of things to consider. Long post for a short joke game! Yoinks!

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This is a hilarious idea. I

This is a hilarious idea. I like to imagine that master players of Liar Dice II: Honesty Dice would have big bags full of variously textured dice. Fuzzy dice, dice made of gel, metal dice, scratchy sandpaper dice, and a device like a fold-out craps board with felt, tile, and wood texture zones.

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You are the type of person

You are the type of person that people need to play this game with. I never even considered FUZZY dice, and I would surely attempt to max out my satisfaction rating that turn by rolling them down a flight of stairs. The fold-out board with different surfaces is a great idea too.

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snake eyes

This is such a funny idea. Have you played it? I wonder who would play it or how in an ideal situation. It seems like some of your games recently have occupied the space of more a theoretical game or a conceptual game that maybe isn't meant to be played. For instance, I wonder if it is more fun to think of setting up all 10 holes for your golf game versus actually setting it up and playing. I think about that with this game. Maybe that just means I should gather a group of my "pretentious game friends" to play this. I had a teacher who used to try and roll dice down his finger perfectly to roll exactly what he wanted. It seems as though he could do it pretty easily with a 6 sided die. I should at least print this game out. Maybe if I print it out someone in the future may try and interpret the rules. It will be like Set or The Royal game of Ur or whatever where people may not exactly know what the rules people in the past played by. I like that more of a traditional game is formed by the remnant of this game and board and possibly digitally rotted text. Anyhow, good game!

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I have a tin full of dice (mostly 6 sided) so I was kind of gathering a bunch and throwing them around to give me inspiration for the list of things to consider, but I haven't played it according to the rules yet sadly. My nephew would love to be given free reign to throw as many dice around as he could but I'll have to find a place to play where my dice wouldn't all get lost first (I would never be satisfied for the rest of the game if that happened, and I would lose). Others that I know would probably argue with me the whole time about how they could make the game 'more fair' or something. Sometimes stuff just needs to be wacky.

The ideas I have can tend to be a little... high-concept and I know they have a limited audience, but I figure there's merit in trying to introduce new ways of looking at things. With this game in particular you can read its rules and then kind of carry its way of thinking into all other dice-based games you play, without ever actively playing the original. Maybe Monopoly is more fun if you try to ricochet the dice off the wall each turn? If only I could convince everybody to not use that awful Free Parking rule.

With my golf game it might not be fun to play 10 holes that you had to set up (I haven't tried it either!), maybe because the potential to be underwhelmed is always looming in the background? But as a casual thing where you just put the mouse in the center of the room and putt from different areas I think it works well. Though it's interesting that you can apply the theme of expectation vs. result to that too.