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detective pink: murder at the millionaire's mansion


cw: discussions of death

BECOME the unstoppable detective pink and solve the case of the murder of the millionaire.

this is one of those games (or things in general) where i started out with a completely different idea (i wanted to make a game where you play as the new year's baby climbing out of a dark hole into the light) and instead i made this, a completely different thing. so it goes. i am so tired, i'm going to bed.

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A game made while procrastinating on another game


I made this short game because I mostly wanted to just mess around with some sprites I made a long time ago, and a world & characters I made a long time ago, just to prove I could. Might use these sprites somewhere else too cause I like them

Oh, and some music I made a long time ago, too. Basically I just wanted to throw some homeless stuff together and see what the outcome was.

Z: jump
C: action (go to area on map)
Arrow keys: move
M: mute

There's 7 tokens dotted around this (small) world, see if you can nab them

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SSSnake (45)

SSSnake (45)ss.png

Now with angles

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An event
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