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Ludus Antioch

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This was made by Trouv and Zatherdon for the 2018 collab jam. It's a little bit late (1 month).

Please give your congratulations to Zatherdon, as this is not only his first game on GT, but his first complete game ever! I would have been impressed with his work even if it was his 20th game.

We think it’s best if you go in knowing as little as possible, so the actual game description below can be decoded at http://rot13.com/

Yhqhf Yngehaphybehz vf n qrnq obneq tnzr sebz gur Ebzna/Olmnagvar Rzcver. Vg jnf n 2-cynlre zvyvgnel fgengrtl tnzr gung vaibyirq pncgherf.

Gur Nagvbpu Rnegudhnxr jnf n gentvp rirag gung bppheerq va 526 N.Q va gur pvgl bs Nagvbpu. Gur rnegudhnxr jnf nyzbfg nf qrinfgngvat nf gur erfhygvat sver. Nobhg 250,000 crbcyr qvrq.

Sbe gur pbyyno wnz, jr gubhtug jr’q erivir Yhqhf Yngehaphybehz juvyr fvzhygnarbhfyl gryyvat gur fgbel bs gur Nagvbpu.

Zatherdon and Trouv
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Berate The Stairs


Don't hate 'em, berate 'em.

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Pirate Kart 2
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By far the most expensive Glorious Trainwreck ever produced, WATERMELONS: A PEOPLE'S HISTORY: PART I chronicles the meteoric rise to prominence of the humble watermelon as a source of entertainment, opening with its glamorous beginnings as an essential comedy prop. Experience the thrilling techniques employed by the greatest entertainers in the world firsthand in WATERMELONS: A PEOPLE'S HISTORY: PART I!

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Pirate Kart 2
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