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"Snake plus Ikaruga, minus Buddhism, divided by Virtual Silence, logical-shifted left by Missile Command. Q E fricking D."

"I gave it three stars the instant I saw its name [...] a name which is awesome enough to pull a two-star game upward, but lamebutted enough to drag a four-star game downward."

TrailblaZer is here! Collect the debris that matches your colour to make a shockwave combo that knocks out adjacent debris.

Press any key to turn left and change to the next colour in the RGB sequence. Note that you have 3 colours but 4 directions, so earning points won't be all that easy!

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A high score list would be

A high score list would be really great. Hell, just keeping your score on the screen for more than a second after the game is over would be helpful.

Source code

Is here:

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