PAX shenanigans

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Hey, is anyone else going to be at PAX?

I'm considering trying to pull off some low-key Glorious Trainwrecks-related stuff. Like maybe just sitting down with a laptop someplace with a little sign that says "Terrible Handmade Videogames, Made While-U-Wait." Or wearing a big button with a picture of Yellow Jogger that says "Ask Me About Klik & Play." Or handing out train-shaped business cards. Or having some kind of PAX jam.

If anyone has any thoughts or ideas, and especially of you're planning to go to PAX, post here!

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Please, please do all of

Please, please do all of these things. Hopefully at the same time.

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Oh, man. Making terrible

Oh, man. Making terrible games for other con-goers. That sounds like an absolutely brilliant idea.

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Dear obsolete thread: I love

Dear obsolete thread: I love you.

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Did you play PAX Quest? I

Did you play PAX Quest?

I considered too late that I should've tried to submit a "Make A Terrible Game In An Hour" panel of some kind, but oh well.