Interpretive Reading of Markov Chain-Generated Spam Messages

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So over at the Idle Forums, a number of spammers have taken to posting messages apparently created by Markov Chains. Stuff like:

Slummy. was cut thewithered vines display lambast, Author sold it from the root into landing to the Someone Dweller to travelers. "At the time of the circumstances, to opine of it as in the represent. Sell me pose to a Mianhuangjishou the senior. He, whether they essential to do, I ran freshly met said: 'Stretch me a pin!' "He asked how much money each, a bob.

Naturally, I thought it sounded like modern poetry. And naturally, I had to record myself doing interpretive reading of a few of them. Attached are five o'erhasty examples. I also included the original texts in the readme file, for completeness.

They're in OGG format, so download Audacity or something if you have trouble hearing them. Or bug me to encode them into something more common.

SpamVoices.zip967.95 KB


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Ogg Vorbis is better anyway.

Ogg Vorbis is better anyway.

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Thank you for this gift.

Thank you for this gift. Brilliant.