Pretend You're Platforming

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Inspired by this.

Use the Eight Directions Movement to control your platforming character to get to the right side of the screen! Avoid creating highly unrealistic jumps! If your movement is too unrealistic (EG. "jumping" too high), you must restart the level!

Only three levels so far, may add more levels and features if/when I get around to it.

Made in TGF.

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This is a great idea, and a really interesting response to Platform RC. Before I played I was expecting there to be no lose condition. I that would be lovely, but probably boring. Being told-off for breaking the rules is a lot of fun, and perhaps an extra mode, where infringements were shown, but did not cause a reset could be fun, too.

The water level's giving me a bit too much hell, though!

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I like it! The judge sounds

I like it! The judge sounds so much like a dickish kid in my head. Gives off a strong feeling of playing pretend in a group, but being interrupted by a "friend" who keeps telling you that' you're DOING IT WRONG.

I fell into the trap of double-jumping so many times before training myself to overshoot jumps and then fall. XD

This reminds me of Hempuli's The Mushroom Engine in the best possible way.

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That is wonderful. Maybe I

That is wonderful. Maybe I should make the sequel mouse-based!

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This is kind of amazing.

This is kind of amazing.

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The platforming police. This

The platforming police. This is pretty brilliant. It would've been interesting if you really had to pretend. Kind of brutal.

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Like BlueberrySoft, I did

Like BlueberrySoft, I did not expect there to be a fail-state and I was surprised how much it adds to the game. I was playing it after reading comments about honor system platformer so I was making comparisons while playing. I like how Pretend You're Platforming kinda trains me to play honor system platformer.

The water-level was an interesting comment on the mechanic since water-levels in the Super Mario style are typically floaty and allow for more control with slower gravity and ungrounded swim-jumps. But the lack of any changes in the mechanic during the water-level kept it from providing an informative perspective on either this mechanic or on water-levels.