Glorious 3D Trainwrecks?

Looking through our exploits and explorations here, I have noticed something strange: there is a relative lack of 3D trainwrecks. Now, I think that this is pretty odd; the 3D realm holds so much untapped potential for wonderful horrors and horrible wonders.

Now first, to remedy the lack of known 3D trainwrecks, I have uncovered Momor Productions, a "small independent software development team". I stumbled across their website after hearing about and playing one game in particular, RunOut, a wonderfully flawed OutRun homage where the most effective strategy seems to be to go as far as you can until time runs out, and then catch a ride on the bumper of a semi until the next checkpoint. I have yet to try any of the other productions from that site, but I certainly look forward to the experience.

Now, an interesting fact is that it seems this studio is the very same who created Ray Game Designer 2, mentioned previously in the Tools thread, apparently something of a 3D Kilk & Play. I am rather surprised and pleased at this coincidence.

Sadly, I currently don't have the time I would like to play around with RGD2. However, the idea 3D trainwrecks is a frightful one, and I am very interested to see what may come of it.

And of course, if you discover any more preexisting examples of 3D trainwrecks, feel free to share.

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Zoo Race! The place to

Zoo Race!

The place to look, I think, is mods. I never played the severed head soccer mod for Quake, but it exists, and it must be some kind of awesome.

I myself would be happy to try my hand at 3D trainwrecks. My problem is that there's no good 3D modelling software that's optimized for programmer art. (Well, there's SmoothTeddy, but it's pretty crashy.) Level design is also tough. Tools exist, but to me, they seem irritatingly complex. I don't want to think in terms of gluing together deformed geometric shapes, I just wanna draw what I want to see, you know?

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This is totally a trainwreck ideas thread

It's a pretty sweet mod. Kick the head around, score goals, shoot rockets at those other cats and everyone has fun.

All in all, awesome but less awesome than trains with monster truck wheels driven by walruses. The ball would be rails that have been bent and welded together, keeping with the train theme.

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I wonder what formats google

I wonder what formats google sketchup exports to? Let's see, the default format is SKP. I've no idea if there's any standard way to convert those files to anything the 3D game makers would be able to read... Okay, there's a plugin from google that lets it export to 3DS Max files! I bet that could work. I think google skectchup would be best for 3d programmer art.

Oddly enough, the first result when I was searching for a SKP converter was some 3d program called Rhino...

edit: looks like Ray Game Designer needs DXF files. Well, there's got to still be a way...

On the RGD2 site they

On the RGD2 site they provide a link for a program called MilkShape 3D, which supports DXF files. It looks like your standard kind of 3D editing software, e.g. not what you're looking for, but it can import/export .3DS files. So, ideally, if you wanted to use Google Sketchup, you could export from that to .3DS and then use MilkShape to convert to a .DXF. Messy, but it might work.

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Here comes a new challenger!

50 Cent: Blood On the Sand. Just go and read about it, it sounds like the most glorious trainwreck ever. Even more than Kingdom Hearts 2.

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Holy shit. Make sure you

Holy shit.

Make sure you click the Bubba Lego-Tep link and watch every goddamn video in that thread. FUCKING GOLD. Especially the one where the player, as Lego Elvis, swings his Lego walker at a scarab.

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That was incredible.

That was incredible.