Tales of the Magic Bubbles

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I started with the idea of missing an enemy with your shots being as bad as being hit by one, and somehow ended up with this game. K&P began to crash whenever certain objects were destroyed, so I made the enemies move off-screen when killed.

If you die, hit F2 to restart. press 1 to remove the game-crashing enemies if they're giving you trouble.

EDIT: oops, wrong version.

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That was really cute! Well

That was really cute! Well done, I like the forced initials, and overall it was a good blend of a few time periods of game. And the whole bubble thing was super nifty.

The whole death thing is a little harsh here, but the idea of severe penalties for missing is intriguing. I wonder if a game where missed shots turned into enemies, or somehow increased the negative forces against you would work. (Hmm, or go for a seesaw, where missing powers you up... but I guess you would want to make it so you can't just grind your power up... hmm...)

Neat though!

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Wow! This is really great.

Wow! This is really great. I especially loved the oddly scrolling text in the intro, the "use the mouse to figure out which things are enemies" mechanic, and the use of the creepy built in K&P hedgehog sound effects. It's also nice to get a slightly longer-form game to play in the non-KotMK "off-season".