MMF2 iOS Runtime

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Clickteam just released an iOS runtime for Multimedia Fusion 2. This means that there is now a conversion path for games made in 1994 on Windows 3.1 using Klik & Play to be published in the Mac App store in 2011. Though I guess the free worldwide browser deployment with TGF2 for Newgrounds is actually still better. who wants to make some mouse-movement-only 1024 x 768 trainwrecks?

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This is super cool, I'm just

This is super cool, I'm just not ready to drop that much money on it yet.

iOS exporter$129
Apple Developer's license$99
Updating XCode and everythingsadface
I shouldn't do math at 3:00 amfor reals

I keep thinking of trying out whether the swf export already gives me a path to iOS(and android, etc) through AIR. It seems like it should?

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People still pay money to

People still pay money to get access to software development on platforms?

The Linux way: sudo pacman -Syu base-devel sdl codeblocks. Instant access to free development. When you're done with your game, you post it on your own website, make a request to distro packagers, and/or make it part of some Humble Bundle somewhere.

The App Store is developer-hostile and a dangerous precedent for restricted digital freedoms.

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DID YOU KNOW on android fone

DID YOU KNOW on android fone they can ban and delete any softawer from your phone becaise they have super gestapo priviledges


excuse me for one moment I'm going to live in a cave and eat dirts

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I don't really consider

I don't really consider Android to be "real" Linux but maybe I'm just weird.