Parallel Paradox


This is just a single difficult puzzle similar to the sort you might find in Karoshi 2.0 or The Impossible Quiz. You must "think outside the box" and come up with a very specific solution to this seemingly impossible task of your own accord. I will reveal the solution in a day or two.

Note: there might be a bug that causes it to be solved immediately. Please disregard this if it occurs.

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I think i have beaten it.

I think i have beaten it. Reminds me of the Ping/Pong levels in Take Something Literally

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That took me a while to

That took me a while to figure out. For a while I was zigzagging the mouse so that it was going over the circle but flickering, and so not touching and touching at the same time. I also tried resting the mouse on the circle and then stopped touching the mouse. The cursor was _technically_ touching the circle when I solved it, but not the tip of it.

This solution seems kind of

This solution seems kind of dubious to me!

I tried to drag the text

I tried to drag the text "mouse" to the circle. That didn't work.
I clicked on another window, making the game app lose focus, and then hovered over the circle - no luck.
I'm stumped. :)


Spoiler space....
1) Make a copy of the game executable.
2) Open both copies of the game at the same time.
3) Move the mouse over the circle in one game while not moving it over the circle in the other game.

This is a guaranteed solution. If you have solved it by some other method, please consider your solution to be an equal alternative that naturally arises from the intricacies in the game's code and the puzzle's parameters.

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ohhh, that's a nice one

ohhh, that's a nice one

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It's amazing witnessing the

It's amazing witnessing the real solution! The 'solution' I found was to position the cursor exactly where the circle appears before the game starts up. I figured your bug comment might be intended to throw people off the trail, but it seemed a little too dumb.

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Good idea. My solution was simply:
1) Double-click on executable to run the game
2) Double-click on executable to run the game
3) Touch and not touch the circle.

Outside the box puzzles are the best thing ever. Searching for some music CD around my house to progress in Karoshi 2 was awesome.