rocket jackhammer

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a game where you are a jackhammer with rockets.

use the arrow keys to control if you can. break the rocks. will probably crash after one playthrough. Just including the source file this time.

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current highscore: 108. I

current highscore: 108. I think that is close to the best, because the game finished with barely any rocks onscreen.

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My best is 100. Any tips for

My best is 100. Any tips for controlling the jackhammer?

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I think the best method is

I think the best method is to just go horizontally into a pile of rocks until you use it up, then press up to get some altitude, then attempt to do the pile of rocks on the other side of the screen.

I also think that 100 around the best score. My partner got 112, and then I got 100 on my next play.