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Leon Arnott

This is a sequel to The Terrible Terrible Turret. Dig into the well by shooting missiles upward to fall down onto the blocks. But you must make sure you don't shoot yourself! Landing on each colour of block causes you to shoot a different array of bullets - some more fearsome than others.

In addition to what it has inherited from its predecessor, you can also see similarities to some of my other games, Prizeleaper and In The Well. And, of course, the influence by Mr. Driller cannot be overstated.


Left arrow - roll to the left.
Right arrow - roll to the right.
R - respawn after losing. Each gray block is a checkpoint.

Mac OS X version:

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An event


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Hey, this is cheating! It's

Hey, this is cheating! It's not even 2012 yet!

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6 respawns on my first try.

6 respawns on my first try. Fun!

I found myself not even trying to map colors to bullet types, and just reacted to each wave on the fly. And as always, I appreciate when you make the effort to put checkpoints in your games.

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I really like this. For me,

I really like this. For me, it's pretty tough, too! I don't think I'll ever clear this final sequence.

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Woo! Just 248 respawns!

Woo! Just 248 respawns!


Love [almost] all your games, Leon :)

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Ooooh lovely idea :D

Ooooh lovely idea :D

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Any objections to me making

Any objections to me making a 2-player iPad game heavily inspired by this?
(co-op, each shooting across into the other's "well", trying not to kill each other)