The Adventures of Bulb Boy

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Help Bulb Boy exterminate the vermin from the area that is all dark and blue! Raise your electro-wand to attract the electricity from the nearest power coil and shock your enemies out of existence! Clear all the enemies to advance. 8 stages in all.

This one ran 1.5 hours late. Almost an hour of that was me just not being able to do my math.

X - Jump
Z - Raise wand
C - Switch power coils on and off

S - Save
R - Restore
E - Retry level

Thanks to Dessgeega/Auntie Pixelante for the font, "Slanted."

Game engine is modified from my as yet untitled in-progress game for this month's Bakedown at SelectButton, so I had a lot of my basic work already done, but all visuals are original to this version. And it's got a wacky save feature.

(This game could use better levels.)

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This is neat! I kind of

This is neat! I kind of felt like the first stage was the least obvious, but probably that's because I hadn't quite figured out the mechanic.

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I actually think the first

I actually think the first stage is one of the best, since it's one of the few that isn't really just standard platforming nonsense.

I'm gonna work on a multiplayer version of this soon.

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oh btw ive played this game a lot

just felt like telling you

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I won! This is pretty fun,

I won! This is pretty fun, it might be the most inventive mechanic I've seen from you.

P.S. This will always be the true Bulb Boy for me, even if I have yet to play that other one.