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101-in-1 Amaze-o-Kart!


That's right! 101 UNIQUELY titled and designed games for your playing pleasure! Starring five characters (including the return of Bulb Boy from The Adventures of Bulb Boy and Anetta from Ghost Witch), the possibilities are endless (or 101)!

Press X to jump. Press Z to hit switches. Arrow keys move and scroll down the MASSIVE GAME MENU. ENTER to select a game.

Enjoy! Can you beat them all?!*

*Note: there's no reward for beating them all. Honest.

John D. Moore
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The Adventures of Bulb Boy


Help Bulb Boy exterminate the vermin from the area that is all dark and blue! Raise your electro-wand to attract the electricity from the nearest power coil and shock your enemies out of existence! Clear all the enemies to advance. 8 stages in all.

This one ran 1.5 hours late. Almost an hour of that was me just not being able to do my math.

X - Jump
Z - Raise wand
C - Switch power coils on and off

S - Save
R - Restore
E - Retry level

Thanks to Dessgeega/Auntie Pixelante for the font, "Slanted."

Game engine is modified from my as yet untitled in-progress game for this month's Bakedown at SelectButton, so I had a lot of my basic work already done, but all visuals are original to this version. And it's got a wacky save feature.

(This game could use better levels.)

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