Yiepipipi World

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Vin aalgras vu tin ti yok Yiepipipi dans le schliebillia elus! 6 Etats coovo din di yikko Yiepipipi vus yaggrah. Tel noin?

So, Klik & Play has been kind of crashy for me, and despite that I've continued to use it out of laziness. A runtime error in AMOSD broke the last straw, so I'm gonna try to stay away from it except for KOTM.

The race track uses a SEQUENCER!



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what the hell I mean HELL

what the hell

I mean HELL YES but also I can't get past the terrible jumping puzzle with the slowly rising ooze.

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Max speed is at 100, so it's

Max speed is at 100, so it's easy to overshoot if a movement key is held down.

Revenge of the Sunfish is a game I had in mind while slapping this together that is much longer and much better executed.

Edit: and I have yet to master nested comments.

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I really liked this

I really liked this game!
It's like 5 or 6 trainwrecks all stuck together, each screen is a nice self-contained challenge, then there are some connective visual themes. I also think it was the right choice to not have a lives-counter; people can muddle through, or give up, but each challenge was tough-but-doable. (IMO)