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So, Slashdot had an article about an upcoming One Laptop Per Child Physics Based Game Jam ...
according to the signup page recommended team size is 2-4, and I'm just this guy, you know?

Its Fri 29- Sun 31 and you're supposed to sign up before this Friday

Anyone in the area like to join in? I'd pay for the admission fee...

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I'd love to sign up as a

I'd love to sign up as a "remote participant" and help you out, but I'll be in Nova Scotia visiting my wife's family.

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eh, no worries... it looks

eh, no worries...
it looks like i'll be lone wolfing it.

the funny thing is i had an olpc, am letting a friend kind of have it/ use it so i'm trying to get it back, dunno if i need it

i find the olpc to be pretty lacking though... i know i have ui blindness for some new stuff, but even with that parts of it seemed really clunky