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I drew this terrible sprite

and I haven't been able to stop laughing at it. A game needs to be made for this man with arched eyebrows, severely deformed leg and crabwalk.

I was thinking something along the lines of Castlevania 3, with visual nods to games from LJN, Software Creations, and Ultimate/Rare, but more specifically Ocean and their goddamn super white people sprites.

Okay, maybe that's not exactly what I'm going for. I will post later when I have a clearer idea.


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So I was in a good mood last

So I was in a good mood last night, and came up with some preliminary area graphics. There were a couple of duds, but I think I can turn them around later.

left to right, from the top:

2) A little too pleasant but whatever. Gaudy Amiga dithering, indistinct terrain, cheetos gravel, boxy trees. I AM SATISFIED WITH THIS SET
4) This one sucks. I tried to fix it by changing the colours from grey to cheetos.
5) This one is boring but with the right level design it could be a hit. (they're cubicals)
6) Based on this.
7) The yellow may be too strong for normal levels but the stars are exactly what I want.
8) I ran out of steam here. Will eventually look similar to the first few Commander Keen games.
9) Similar to Mario 3 or Kirby's Adventure. May have to make the colours gaudier.
b) Maybe those dots should be animated.

Now that I've established in my mind what the game should be like, I should probably spend some time figuring out Game Maker.

If you get what I'm aiming for, suggestions would be great, along with recommendations of other games for inspiration. My experience is mostly limited to the NES.

List so far:

Wolverine (NES)
Darkman (NES)
Action 52 (GEN)
Paladin's Quest (SNES)
8Eye's (NES)
Mickey Mousecapade (NES)
Robocop 2 (NES)
Action 52 (NES)
Earthbound (SNES)
Sachen pirate games (NES)
Crystalis (NES)
Mystery Quest (NES)
Prince of Persia (Multi)
Who Framed Roger Rabbit (NES)
Wizards and Warriors 3
Metroid (NES)

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Hot damn, these look

Hot damn, these look phenomenal. The sprite looks like it's from the NES port of Snappy Step Simulator.

The stairs make me think of the escalators in Keystone Kapers.

I've always liked the phenomenally ugly graphic style of Pickle Wars, but that may be a bit too VGA for your concept, I think. Maybe Crystal Caves?

Oh, wait, you totally need some Jill of the Jungle in there.

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I originally played Jill

I originally played Jill Goes Underground in CGA with internal speaker sounds, so I didn't know it looked and sounded utterly ridiculous on a normal PC. Never heard of Pickle Wars, but abusing oblique perspective is always funny in platform games. I'll have to include that somewhere.

How could I forget about Apogee and Colour Dreams?


I'm having trouble transitioning from klik to Game Maker, but first impressions are very, very good. I got a basic platformer movement to work. The player gets stuck in ceilings, but working with scripts is much more enjoyable than clicking through pseudo-spreadsheets.

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OOH GOOD I think I played


I think I played Electro Body before, but it was a different version or something.

I can't get the Streambolt zip to open, but I looked up some screenshots so it's all good.

Now here is a gif of the treasure master walking the walk.

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I find the full-on Polish

I find the full-on Polish Electro Body experience to be superior to Electro Man.

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Just got Streambolt to work,

Just got Streambolt to work, much cooler in motion.

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Electro Body was the first

Electro Body was the first version of the game, released by XLand (cult polish programming group from early '90s... also they have done pc version Robbo, another great game from my country - some screenies - and some others). Later it was released by Epic as Electro Man with few changes. In 1992 if you had PC in Poland, you had also Electro Body on HDD.
And I'm going to ressurect Robbo in KNP. Shouldn't be hard.

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Screen tearing is driving me

Screen tearing is driving me bonkers. I didn't notice it until I imported graphics; the vsync option only focuses the tear at one spot.

I've read that crappy LCD screens (ahem) have a low refresh rate, but not everyone will have this issue. I ran a test on another computer with a CRT monitor: with vsync on, it looked flawless. But I can't just buy a new monitor or lug a CRT home.

I might shelve this and work on that shooter with the red smiley face, which has no scrolling and thus won't make me insane while testing. Silly crabwalk man will return, mark my words!

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dangit qrleon these are

dangit qrleon these are still gorgeous. NEED CRABWALK ADVENTURE UPDATE PLS

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retro style can be amazing if you're able to pull it off well

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holy moly i've been here for two years

So far, nothing's happened with crab walk man. He sort of compacted into the JOHR project because their underlying engine needs are very similar. Those projects were shelved when I started receiving strange errors from Game Maker (though I said fuckit and switched Johr to KNP). The EGA Man source code was going to be the foundation for those two games, but I got frustrated with my limited game engine and spent some time reading up on data structures and other languages.

Incidentally, I found a few weird things while searching for crabwalk man on my desktop, I'll post it in a bit.

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A screen I didn't get around

A screen I didn't get around to uploading:

And, uh:

realistic_cowboy.gif6.09 KB
more_ugly.png4.56 KB
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seriously this looks just like one of those games where i'd spend hours on end being lost in the atmosphere instead of playing

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Get back to work.

Get back to work(ing on this), qrleon.