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A brief adventure through Hell and back.
Except we never actually get back.
And we don't get very far through Hell, either.
Come to think of it, it's not even called 'Hell' in this game.
So, 'a brief adventure with an inappropriate title' then.

Jay Griffin
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An event


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Nice work, I look forward to

Nice work, I look forward to the continuation.

I quite liked the promise of logic-based fake RPGish battles, but I see that for future releases you've opted to include actual RPGish battles using an impressive-looking custom GameMaker engine. That's cool too. If you can synthesise the two ideas, that would probably be the best thing ever.

Thanks for the feedback!

Hi there, thanks so much for the kind words.

Logic-based battles may well make an appearance in the follow-up, most likely as part of the dialog options to help add a little colour. I do like a bit of tactical meat to things, which is why I decided to try implementing a 'proper' battle system as well. I've previously prototyped some things in an X-com and Disgaea style, but the AI systems proved a bit much for me, so hopefully I can get something interesting working in a more streamlined way.

The base engine work is close to finished for the GameMaker version now, and I hope to start getting stuck into the actual content over the next week. All going according to plan, it should be released in a couple of months. Hard to say how it'll turn out at this point, I'm just trying my hardest to make the kind of thing I'd like to play. I hope you guys will like it too. After release I'm thinking of putting out a 'template' version of the engine for whoever would like to use it, but it'll probably take a little while to strip it back to a fairly blank state, along with writing up the docs.

So cheers again, hope to have something worth playing fairly shortly.

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This was really impressive!

This was really impressive! Are you still working on it?

Great Job

I think it's obvious from your consistently great games that you are ready "for the big leagues"


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