Russian Subway Dogs


Russian Subway Dogs

Experience the life of a stray Russian subway dog scavenging for food in this realistic simulator.

  • Doggies!
  • Ruskies!
  • Proprietary vodka physics system!

Instructions: Move and jump with the arrow keys.
CTRL to bark (costs Stamina).
Bark behind people to surprise them.
Scavange for food to stay alive.

In Soviet Russia there is no 10 second rule. Grab food before it hits the ground for more stamina.

Scoring Guide:

  • Eat food on ground: +10
  • Eat food in air: +20
  • Kill person: +10
  • Kill rival dog: +50
  • Rival dog eats food on ground: -20
  • Rival dog eats food in air: - 40

Protip: Use your bark to deflect falling vodka bottles!

Game by Miguel Sternberg

Music by Ricky Lima - based on Katyusha by Matvei Blanter

Special thanks to the Chairman!

Update 31/05/2012

  • Hunger (Difficulty) now rises as score goes up. Should now be significantly more difficult to get higher scores.
  • New game over music added.

Update 28/02/2012

  • Jump n' Bark exploit fixed.
  • When tied for position rival dogs will always get to eat the food.
  • Russian subway dog is now 10% hungrier.

Miguel Sternberg
Made For: 
Pirate Kart 2


markp0rter's picture

the graphics of this one

the graphics of this one look pretty good

Man Of Doom's picture

This is loads of fun. I like

This is loads of fun. I like using the vodka to kill my rivals.

soo much fun

you just play this one and it inspires people. It makes everyone so smiley. The trax are sweet, the gameplay is neet, and the layout greets. You can't ask for more. Wow.