Boring Cockpit game in VR Studio

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Wordrescue and I had a plan to make an entry for the Cockpit Compo, but a combination of forgetting about the compo until the day before the end of the extended deadline, and not having any particularly concrete ideas resulted in a game about being bored while playing a Virtual Reality Studio game. Behold the amazing combination of my uninspired 3D city and WordRescue's clever pixelart cockpit:

The mouse-only controls are in red around the cockpit, placed in unintuitive and annoying locations The meter on the left measures how bored and upset with the game you're becoming. First time I've ever got one of those status bars to work in a 3D Construction Kit game!

In an effort to avoid dying of boredom, you can try to fight a gigantic enemy crab (shown glitching during its space-invaders attack pattern). Even targeting his weak point for massive damage does little to stop the fatal tedium.

Inevitably the boredom meter maxes out, and you die.

Other interesting facts: even though I set the initial conditions and default border, the stand-alone executable doesn't load correctly until you reset the game at least once. We might try to work on it again later, but not unless we get a good idea of what it should be about.

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Also the world needs a download link for this particular one! There is something about 320x200xflatshaded polygons that is just so beautiful.

On a semirelated note, I understand that TIGSource is having a second B-Game competition this summer! May it soon be time for a second Pirate Kart?

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yes. it may.


it may.

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wow in this hypothetical

wow in this hypothetical world should i keep up my "i'm only cool enough for java"ness or grow a pair and knp it??

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Use java but rip KNP sprites

Use java but rip KNP sprites

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i believe they've already

i believe they've already been ripped and posted. so no excuses

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Reiterating demand for a

Reiterating demand for a download link! This looks absolutely lovely -- both the cockpit and the world beyond.

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I love the graphics in your game are great.