Different Place


It took 6 days to create the Earth.
It took 2 years to create Another World.

It took 2 hours to completely ruin it.

Different Place is what Another World could've been. If it was designed in Klik'n'Play. By a 13 year old. Armed with the KNP sprite editor.

(Only a demo right now, though, and there probably won't be a full version unless I have lots of free time)

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Welcome to our humble

Welcome to our humble website!

This is delightful. I only wish there were more ways to die.

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WOW So in awe! Is there a


So in awe!

Is there a run button? Can you get away from the first beast, or is that where the demo is?

Anyway, great, great work, it made me all kinds of nostalgic and in a perverse kind of awe about KNP


Thank you! I'll probably make more "demakes" when I get the time. "Tale of the Mountain Opening", anyone? ;D

...the first beast is where the demo ends, sadly. It's a subtle commentary on the difficulty of the original Another World, on the tendency of old games to require pixel perfection when planning your moves, and on the fact that I'm pretty lazy. (I would like to make the full game sometime, though :D )