MUHAMMAD 3 The verwourren family

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Muhammad is ill and only his son Muhammad can save him. But the evil Lloyd, the son of Snake lord and Belsazar has stolen the cure.
Oh no.
How evil.
Now Muhammad jr. is on an epic quest to find the cure.

2358792174854793597238759345 world with 387438683 levels per world
BEST HD graphics you can imagine, better than reality
Best physics of the world

"Played it for years, its so superb!!!!!!!!" Lipple do rouse
" Muhammad never gets old lol 5 göbipoints" Göbi
"Better than Fruchtbonbons" Big Mama
"I am ugly" Sarah Koll

Also play the mind blowing prequels Muhammad 1 and Muhammad 2

Made For: 
An event


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good graphics

good graphics

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You don´t mean that,

You don´t mean that, right?
This game shouldn´t be good, it should be teribble.
And the grapics are terrible too^^
Look at that ugly noses....


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"Should be terrible" is a weird thing to say.

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When i made this, i felt

When i made this, i felt like MUHAMMAD WOO

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So to make that clear, this

So to make that clear, this game should be nothing but MUHAMMAD YEAH

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When I first replied to this, I didn't look carefully enough at who was replying to whom. Sorry about that!

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Ok now i get it^^ i was

Ok now i get it^^ i was wondering a bit about your comment at first...BUT WHO CARES LETS DO THE MUHAMMAD DANCE