Peaceful Sonata: A Knytt Story

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Sergio has a level competition on the Nifflas Forums that's all about single screen Knytt Stories, and since I had already made a single-screen Knytt Story called Angry Sonata for the last Pirate Kart, why not make a sequel to it for the competition? So I made this. It's real wee, so no screenshot. Tilesets by Sergio Cornaga and Nifflas, music by Jacob Godwin.

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I really like this. I think

I really like this. I think I like it too much.


Yes, it's very good. I just wish I knew one more person who could tell a knyeoeutghtt story the way you can. It's like you inspire future generations and stuff. Your story is important.

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Are... are you looking for

Are... are you looking for level recommendations?