Yellow Jogger Laser platform Madness

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It's a strategy/platforming game in which you have to make your own path by shooting laser-platforms. it's pretty fun. The game has 10 original levels plus 20 extra levels and a 5 level challenge pack. have fun

instructions: press shift to jump, Z to shoot a platform-making laser, and X to stop that laser from synthesizing platforms. it's challenging because KNP platform movement engine is pretty glitchy. If you get stuck just press "R" to restart the level.

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really cool game. makes me

really cool game. makes me wish i had come up with this myself

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I opened this up in MMF2 and

I opened this up in MMF2 and rebuilt it for 64 bit machines :)


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It still has issues: - The

It still has issues:

- The meter never gets depleted when you shoot lasers
- The lasers are supposed to disappear when you die.