XMas or concert or booze money, whatever (Beating Depression)

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I'm working on a video game as I'm trying to get thru this horrible horrible depression. Fainting in the shower last week spooked me into actually living the life I want to live, somewhat. Altho I'm back home now and dealing with my annoying mother (and she wonders where I get my bad attitude from), I'm back to making trainwrecks. I need something to do. Still no job. Nor do I want one, altho mom is getting quite vocal about it.

I'm blasting some DSBM to make myself feel better. And it does work. :D I can't wait for the weather to turn cold so I can wear my leather jacket all the time. I like the weight of it (and the look--it's so freakin cool and awesome and it's not your typical Schott Bros. biker jacket that I desperately wanted after watching The Wild Ones).

Still blogging, still turking, still trying to find something to do with my art and make that paper. Sucks that in order to live in this city, I got to have a piece of useless paper to do anything. I scavenge, reuse, recycle, walk, or bike. Anything father than 10 miles I take the bus. I can't wait to outfit an engine on my bike so I can go farther and not get so sweaty.