global game jam 2010: sprinkle

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A vaguely incredible-machine like puzzle game, made in a weekend by my team at Northeastern U for the 2010 Global Game Jam
Play it at or


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I'd just mention this

I'd just mention this introduced me to PPhys2D - not as powerful as JBox2D, but a lot more accessible and friendly and may well end up being the basis for a ton of stuff I do for the next Pirate Kart...

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Somehow reminds me Orisinal,

Somehow reminds me Orisinal, with it's bright colors and calm atmosphere. Would love to see a bigger game around this concept. Yeah, Incredible Machine set in rainforests, jungle...

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Yeah, the theme came out

Yeah, the theme came out nice.

One of the GGJ challenges is dealing with artists who aren't thinking in terms of animation, but more used to static stuff. But in this case in came out kinda lovely...

Usually the engine I end up making for these things isn't much better than what I can put together in a 2 hours KotMK, but the sound and graphics get a lot more attention - not to mention level design.