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Planned: Not a Romantic Comedy II: (Not) Comedy Harder

I want to make a sequel to Not a Romantic Comedy.

This time, I wanna implement the full range of objects from Chip's Challenge. So it'll be sort of like playing an action-oriented Chip's Challenge, except on steroids.

In addition to the standard set of tiles, items, etc., I plan to include stuff like this.

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Have been itching to enter a competition lately... was on an international flight during the klik-of-the-month, so I went searching for an alternative. Drunken Coders (.com) was hosting their 2009 winter nintendo ds programming competition with a deadline of march 19th. Sounded good to me!
So in what limited time I could find to code, I threw together this little puzzle game.
It is pretty silly and was a real rushed job, so I thought I would share it here on glorious trainwrecks (though I'm not sure it's glorious enough, hee hee)

Hope you enjoy...

edit:note that this is meant to be played on a real nintendo ds or a good nds emulator (if you must)

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global game jam 2010: sprinkle


A vaguely incredible-machine like puzzle game, made in a weekend by my team at Northeastern U for the 2010 Global Game Jam
Play it at
http://alienbill.com/sprinkle/ or http://openprocessing.org/visuals/?visualID=7321

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You Must Glitch To Beat This Game


To be honest, I'm not really sure if an idea like this has been done before, but anyways...

This is a trainwreck I did a couple months ago, but for some reason neglected to post on here. In each level, you must figure out how to reach the exit, but there's a catch - to do so, you must abuse some glitch or oddity in Klik & Play's built-in platform movement. Each screen requires you to make use of another bug, and there are ten screens in total. Think you can do it?

If anyone else knows about some glitch that I failed to cover in this game, let me know. I think it would be great to add an extra screen or two to the game!

Furthermore, if you're stuck on a specific screen, I might be able to poke you in the right direction.

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Storm Is Coming

Storm Is Coming - screen.jpg

It took me much, much longer than it might seem, mainly because of my lack of experience with the program, but I can finally proudly present to you my first KNP game ever completed - Storm Is Coming. It is a somewhat artsy one screen platform game which should take you about 5 minutes to complete. If you know what to do...if not, there are hints available. I know there will be some mistakes and logical gaps, but what the hell. I think it's decent for a debut. It is black and white with home-made sprites, crappy animations and the soundtrack is me plinking away on a detuned piano. Yeah, sorry about that. Tell me what you think, I would like an experts' opinion on what I could work on in future projects. Greetings to all fellow locomotive engineers!

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