Snowman Simulator

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This game is a snowman building simulator.
Controls: Left click and drag to move the camera
*right click @ the ground to make snowballs
*right click @ snowballs to pick them up
~snowballs get bigger when you roll 'em~
*press "1" to add coal bits
*press "2" to add tophats

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An event


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Go up to the top of a hill

Go up to the top of a hill and keep creating snowballs. When two or more merge together, they mysteriously become... alive. When a whole bunch of them fuse together in the valley, go down there and attempt to add coal bits to them.

Watch as the whole thing gets restless... starts spinning wildly... then takes into the air and becomes some sort of flying snowball monster. Then watch as the snowball monster hits another snowball monster and subsequently freaks out and explodes into the sky while your framerate drops to 2 FPS.

In closing, 5/5 best snowman simulator EVER.

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A giant, heaving, writhing, multi-faced ball of snow distantly spinning in the trees. Suddenly, it launches into space and flies off toward the mountains only to land a little closer to me. I can see the many top hats on its multitude of heads.

Dear god, I love it.

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Oh tell me why

Oh tell me why, do we build snowmen in the sky~
Oh tell me why, are the snowmen way up high~

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10/10 legit deserves more recognition because wow this thing is fun as all hell

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I think my favourite part of

I think my favourite part of this is creating terrifyingly large snowball clumps, walking up to them, and slamming on top hats until the physics flips out.

I had a lot of fun adding tophats to my snowman.

it slowed things down a bit, but I liked how I had no limits on the top hats.. Thank you for leaving us limitless in our conquests involving haberdashery. I appreciate the beautiful day you gave to us too. Not too much sun, and not too much darkness. And we stayed dried and warm.. unless we didn't want to.. I thought I'd share my day out in the snow a bit myself, but don't take my testimonial as a sense of completion. Experience it yourself!

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