Dirty Dishes


The dishes are dirty! Of course, you don't want to clean them. But there they are, and there's physics. A hardcore dish-breaking simulator by Patchwork Doll, for Mac/Win/Linux. Made in Unity.

Try pressing 1, 2, or 3.

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Getting an error on Windows:

Getting an error on Windows: "There should be 'DirtyDishes_Data' folder next to the executable"


Thanks, this is my first time building to other platforms, I'll fix it ASAP!


Should be fixed now. I separated them into different files. Let me know if it works.

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It works! I got everything

It works! I got everything into the sink except for a wine glass that fell apart in my hands. (well, technically a few items are piled above the sink).

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Apparently I'm not the only

Apparently I'm not the only one to discover it also works as a modern art generator :D

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Breaking the champagne

Breaking the champagne glasses sometimes seems to make the game crash. Outside of that, this game is quite fun.

I like mashing 2 and 3 to create a tornado of broken plates and bottles. Also I'm not sure how to play the game correctly so I'm assuming it's supposed to be like a less awful version of Angry Birds. Either that or a "put all the dishes in the sink without breaking anything" sim.

Edit: Even more ways to play! Press 2 to play a game of "catch the falling stick"! Or throw two dishes into the air to try and get them to collide with each other and break. Or see how many dishes you can lift into the air by dragging the bottom-most dish of a stack. Or play Chicken trying to see how many champagne glasses you can break before the game crashes. Man this game has endless emergent gameplay possibilities.


I didn't get to the game part before I ran out of time, but it was going to be a game of filling the sink breaking as few dishes as possible. I may keep at it and flesh it out more. I like your other ideas! Glad you had fun with it.

BTW, regarding the crash with the glasses, what OS are you running?

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Linux here. Does it not

Linux here. Does it not crash on other systems? The glasses breaking doesn't always cause a crash. It usually happens when there's enough chaos involved. Like if two glasses hit each other.

Nope, it doesn't do that on

Nope, it doesn't do that on OSX. I haven't tested it on Windows, but some friends on Windows haven't reported problems. Seems to be Linux-specific. Weird! I might check it out when I get a chance.

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Best dishwashing sim I've

Best dishwashing sim I've ever played... me, I don't like washing dishes in games. I do it in real life! I really enjoy trying to fill the sink w/ dropped items. Bottles are pretty easy, and plates give a big challenge- if I miss one, it'll break one I managed to bring down safely!!