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My first submission for the 'Build me a performance space' event. I wanted to make something more dangerous than the other spaces I've experimented with. At the bottom of the (bottomless) world there are another two performance spaces in the same style as the other ones I've made, though here you are deciding what objects are there to play with by you interaction with the larger space.

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The architecture immediately

The architecture immediately put me on edge. I initially associated the sheet of cloth draped over the first platform with the color blue, giving me the uneasy feeling that the blue platforms I later saw could buckle beneath my weight at any moment, a precarity fulfilled by some of the winding grey platforms.

I don't know if I felt satisfied with any of the configurations I built, but I like the idea of a bottom sink which reflects the actions the player takes as they descend. The platform with the domino-like configuration is both highly tempting and highly dangerous to return from, one of the main places of divergence which can affect the composition of the final state.

The fast falling and slow movement, combined with a structure that feels more winding than vertical, tends to make most mistakes final, accidental falls that don't let you catch yourself before hitting the bottom. Looking up and seeing the ground vanish, highlighting the blocks you left behind.

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Thanks for the thoughtfull

Thanks for the thoughtfull comment, Noyb!

I think it's something I should have another crack at, because I wish the 'results' were more interesting things themselves, and that there was no death (er... immortal void life). Maybe a rewind would work well, especiall if you could pause and look around.