Bumcharles 2

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Here's a web/flash version, it's a bit diy. If you like underworld, this'll work. It of course runs a little faster, I think is immune to basic crashes, and the art board is glitchy, not all the "brushes" work and pressing space too much will cause major lag. That aside, you're welcome to preview if you can't be bothered to download the regular version.

Thanks for playing. Share your screenshots. Good luck. I know this is a little unexpected, but I think it's done. Thanks to Alex Hufeland for the track, Hopefully this will be a little more than a game thing. Lots of easter eggs. Made in The Games Factory, feel free to look through the sauce if you have a compatible clickteam product, post screenshots, issues, etc here. Be patient through it, press = or P to skip frames..

Rule of flow. Simply press P or equal when you feel you've seen enough of the frame before it ends up being boring, because almost all frames are ENDLESS. Later on it's different.. It'll hopefully make sense in the whole product.

I included a .bat file to run the exe under one core. If you're having the sound looping bug, run the .bat.

Some screenshots:

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This game is so wonderful.

This game is so wonderful.

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Wow, just wonw. There is

Wow, just wonw. There is like, infinite things going on here. It's endless. One of the greatest, replayabilitiest games I've ever played. The controls of the game are so fluid, it feels natural. The story is deep and twisting, like the roots of a tree growing into an ocean. There's like, angler fish down there. They're wack, read about them. That's bumcharles².

Spoiler image!!
Here's my art: http://cl.ly/image/0O2d233w3K2Z

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So basically after the sound

So basically after the sound test I decided to go to the next screen by pressing P and it took me to the beginning. This gave me the impression that I had reached the end. It wasn't until later on that I noticed there were two frames after the sound test in the .gam file. I then looked in the sound test events and noticed that I somehow pressed the wrong "next level" key - I should have pressed = instead. Depending on which method you use, you may or may not actually get taken to the goodie at the end.

Shouldn't be fixed?

Oh wow,

GOOD FIND, lemme check on that. I knew there would be something OBVIOUS, like a wrecking ball. that's a rookie mistake i've made there, thanks for the report lol.. I think with intention the sound board wasn't gonna be playable, just sort of an easter egg, since it wasn't dressed up as the others were.. With pick and count and a little bit of work I in fact DID make it more souped up. But yeah, that omits the most important frame of the game as is, not the one i spent hte most work on, but the one that gives the user the most power.

Course I released it with holiday deadlines thinking If I released it today I wouldn't have the sunshine in my head to ever release it. Who knows what I was thinking? Anyway, let us try it again!

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I love the performance

I love the performance aspects. Choosing when to move on. Spent a ton of time just jamming on the background jazz with the sound test.

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You should write a novel.

I pooped up the commenting again. Wasn't meant to be a reply to your thing. Apologies.

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It's quite alright

I find that it wouldn't be too bad of an idea if noyb wrote a novel, but if that comment was directed towards me that's cool too. I'm glad you used the subject bar too. It really opens up the pace of the comment. But yeah, we could theoretically all write novel things. It would just be TUFF is all.

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Surreal and magical! I've

Surreal and magical! I've attached my artwork.

P.S. the game crashed on me the first time I played it, so I'm very thankful for your frame control keys.

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Wow, you really went all out

Wow, you really went all out here! How long did this take you? I kept trying to plan out my own like this, but I found a single misclick catastrophic...

Yeah, and that is the exact reason

Why I included the space bar as a single stamp, because i realized that some people wanted to draw, click around, make the canvas a big splattery mess while dothers might have wanted a little bit more precision. If it was less last that way you don't have to click. and it was a last second fix that almost consumed the entire frame with the bad event

And thanks for the screen shots.. the one Sergio whipped up is a godsend as well as yours. They're all great. Seeing it used in action is one thing but looking at a screen shot and wondering how it'll all fall into place in action is another thing. I might use this in the future for level ideas, or even backdrops for levels. I mean, really you could do anything with it.