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This Knytt Stories level will attempt to scare you.

If you want to turn on ultra-spooky mode (not recommended for first-time players), walk all the way to the left in the first room before entering the house.

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GT Saturday Specials: Knytt Stories


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I am never opening doors

I am never opening doors again.

Aside: I had to open this up in the Level Editor to determine that I had indeed reached the end. I noticed that you gave the Parasol at start, so I wondered if there was some sort of puzzle involving using that item to advance, but it turns out that wasn't the case.

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Indeed, the parasol is there

Indeed, the parasol is there solely to control the speed of your demise. I apologise for the ambiguity!

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Creepy.Had an Imscared


Had an unintentional Imscared moment when I didn't notice the subtle changes inside the house at first, went back to the menu and reloaded my save on the exact iteration when things started to speed up.

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You've just given me an idea

You've just given me an idea for an even creepier way I can use the bug/mechanic I exploited to make this level. Thanks!

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This was very creepy!

This was very creepy! Unfortunately I think I activated ultra-spooky mode on accident by my usual habit of poking into every corner before leaving a room. Still, terrifying!

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Thanks! Ultra-spooky mode

Thanks! Ultra-spooky mode was actually a bug caused by me accidentally overwriting DefaultSavegame.ini, but I decided it looked too neat for me to remove it entirely (I also felt obligated to keep it in because I have a feeling that the autosave-shifting behaviour involved might be unprecedented in Knytt Stories scripting).

Also, I'm afraid it's looking unlikely that I'll finish my other Halloween Knytt Stories level which you abstractly expressed an interest in... sorry about that.