Shoot this proposal down in flames, or don't

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I have a proposal, ladies and germs. I was thinking about the whole more klik of the month thing last night, and maybe what we need is something a little different which can run concurrently to our (and I mean SpindleyQ's) beautiful monthly creation.

Since I am still a little bit obsessed with klik n play, this is my ambitious proposal:

A collaborative effort, channelled into one game, destined to push klik n play to its very limits and exploit every quirk of the event editor.

A KLIK N PLAY RTS. Made by everyone. Tentative title, "Krush Klik N Destroy".

The idea would be, you work on it within a limit (say, an hour, pre making assets is of course quite acceptable), then p-p-p-pass it on to the next glorious trainsurfer, with hearty discussion about the Swayze-like clay shaping that must take place in the forthcoming iterations. Repeat (to use the cricketing vernacular, everyone would have several bites at the cherry), until the game is a stupendously playable hodge-podge of ideas and we unveil it to the unsuspecting cosmos.

I myself was considering

I myself was considering suggesting that we try some kind of experimental collaborative project. I particularly like the idea that development keeps continuing, getting passed from person to person in sequence, repeatedly cycling until the game is done - this means that the rush isn't to finish the game, but to optimally use one's influence over its creation. One question: does it have to be an RTS? I think we should discuss what kind of game it should be beforehand.

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I like this idea, and "Krush

I like this idea, and "Krush Klik N Destroy" is a fantastic title. I'm less than enamoured with the proposed genre, but it's basically inevitable that people will push it in their own directions anyway, so our starting point isn't that important. The tight time limit is key, I think; other projects like this tend to suffer when people hold onto their chunk for too long and your turn ends up not being for another couple of weeks and then interest is lost.

So, some proposed ground rules:

  1. Development is scheduled on a "you call it, you got it" basis. "Calling it" entails going on to IRC (, #glorioustrainwrecks) and setting the channel topic to your name and the time you started. If there are actually other people who want it at the same time, disputes can be handled in an ad hoc manner, but in general try to keep it first come, first served. I should have an IRC bot set up soon to log our exploits.
  2. When your hour is up, clear the channel topic and post a comment on this topic with your new version as an attachment. (I have added the ability to add attachments to comments now.) Unfortunately this limits us to 4mb games, meaning I probably can't record a theme song. :-(
  3. It's okay to go twice in a row, so long as nobody else wants a turn.
  4. The game is declared done when either a consensus is reached that it's done, or nobody's touched it for seven days. (I think that's a long enough timeout, but I'm flexible on this point.)

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realtime or not

I think we have to decide if this is real time or not...
I'm not an irc-ish person by nature, and the client I started using (that Firefox plugin-ish one) isn't too good at alerting me when there's a message in the background. For the model you're suggesting, I'd rather have some kind of "email blast" signup. Besides that I like the idea of using a single thread here as a base.

I might like a rule where you can't do 2 in a row though.

I got to thinking if there would be a way to prod updates to happen more often, and get the real time factor back. I think the "obvious" answer might be something akin to the game "Eat Poop You Cat" or "Telephone" -- lets EACH start a game, work on it for an hour, then hand off to the next person. Maybe try this 2 weeks after or before a KotM, get people to be around for a stretch of time. We'd probably have to make up rules for coping w/ people dropping out, or even coming in, and I'm not yet proposing a management system... maybe we'd need a "gamekeeper" to assign the games, and make sure that if, say, we had 4 games going, and the next round only had 3 people, that there was a rotation for what game was getting "neglected"

This may miss some of the point of the original proposal; gathering everyone's attention on a single, massive game (which is probably why RTS was suggested, since you can throw in SO MUCH CRAP in something like that)

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I kinda chose RTS because it

I kinda chose RTS because it seems like a genre that is completely impossible to do in klik n play, but given the nature of the old ones (hello dune 2), also seemingly possible in terms of each little cog of the game (enemy detection, hit points, etc). And as you said, it's totally just a base for greater and odder things.

But yeah, while I've never used IRC, I like your proposals SpindleyQ. I like that the control of the development and the interaction between developers is tied into one thing.

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The Great Shovelware Swindle

I wouldn't mind doing another Pirate Kart-like dealie since that really brought us all together, only with less games so we can work on quality instead of quantity. Maybe have one large game with smaller games that branch off it which is an easy way for everyone to do their part since there's no rushing along to get it done before passing it to the next person. Call it "The Great Shovelware Swindle", since I really want to see that name used on something.

I thought of that too,

I thought of that too, except that my idea involved a series of games, all made sequentially and with a continuing story. Each game would be made by one person but the story would be collaborative.

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instead of games, why not

instead of games, why not subsequent screens?

(hmm, can you merge screens from different KnPs?)

We wouldn't need to merge

We wouldn't need to merge screens if we made then sequentially. We'd just need to pass the project files between us.

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You can copy and paste

You can copy and paste screens from different games. Copies everything to do with that frame, it does.

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We could call it the

We could call it the Kliksquisite Korpse?

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Golden Klik Warriors

Done correctly, we could all be the Godfrey Hos of the Klik scene.

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Man, you can't just link

Man, you can't just link Godfrey Ho's Wikipedia page in a world where YouTube exists.

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Man, you just can't link

Man, you just can't link short clips when entire films exist.

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I am just going to say that

I am just going to say that I have not forgotten the collaborative project, whatever earthly form it may take. Something will be begun in the new year. Of this I am certain.

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Guys, three words:

Guys, three words: Brazillian Pirate Kart. We take all the games from the pirate kart and stick on top of them terrible cartoon licenses with art that clashes horribly. Think of all the green we will make from this daring experiment.

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I have dibs on the portugese

I have dibs on the portugese language version of Sabrina: The Animated Series.