BREAKDOWN (or What Am I Supposed to Do With All These Bricks?)

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a game about being awful at breakout

arrow keys to move
space resets the ball if it gets stuck

this was originally going to have music but i didn't like how it sounded. you can listen to it in the background though if you like.

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Things I like about this:-

Things I like about this:

- The paddle's movement being sort of floaty, like some kind of space ping pong paddle you have to thrust upward to knock the ball toward the bricks
- Your movement area gradually shrinking as you continue to play
- Hitting a higher brick causes it to fall and knock away all the bricks below it, kind of like Puzzle Bobble
- Being able to mash Space to generate pretty artwork like this

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Game Maker was all like

Game Maker was all like "don't make more than 100 physics objects at once!" and I was all like "yeah whatever"

and then we made art.

glad you like it - my favorite thing is that the ball moves the paddle too, makes it feel like you're fighting with physics.

the first (and really only) breakout game i played would move all the bricks down by one after the ball had hit the paddle a certain amount of times, and create more bricks at the top. this amount of times was less than the amount of bricks in one row, so unless you got the ball above to hit a bunch of bricks, it was pretty much hopeless. I wanted to recreate that feeling of overwhelming bricktastrophe that I experienced (because i sucked at breakout.)

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Sounds like the falling wall

Sounds like the falling wall mode in Moraff's Blast, which is my favourite Breakout-type game.

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oh shit it was moraff's

oh shit it was moraff's blast. that's exactly what it was.

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I decided to take a look at

I decided to take a look at a YouTube video of Moraff's Blast (this one, specifically). Apparently if the bricks get pushed down past a certain point the game just erases them which is... kind of a letdown, actually.

I really like the third mode though ("Blast Adventure"): strange, semi-labyrinthine levels, and you just have to hit a certain brick to progress to the next level. I'd like to make a game like that someday.

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Blast Adventure is the mode

Blast Adventure is the mode I liked playing the most! Next time I get some extra cash and time I need to get Ultra Blast and see how that's structured.

Seeing the game in colour is so weird for me. Especially seeing that the paddle is green, and not yellow.

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mashing space also mak

masking space also makes some great noise

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Yeah, I also like the

Yeah, I also like the bouncy, floaty, awkward paddle movement. And getting knocked out of position by the falling bricks, or hitting the screen's edges too hard.

Good game.

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I like this.. very vibrant

I like this.. very vibrant and funny. I like how the ball slooowlly moves at first, as if you can wait long enough to hit it w/o starting a volley of brick death, but it would probably take way too long.

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Haha yeah that's a glitch I

Haha yeah that's a glitch I was too lazy to fix. I think the physics engine runs at a different speed from the main game engine, so even though I set the speed to 0 every frame, it keeps moving. If you hit it, it will just sort of thud against the paddle and not really bounce.

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holy crap this is on

holy crap this is on that just made my day :D