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I've started a Wiki-fied KotM N00B FAQ.

I used the BB code for familiarity, but couldn't figure out how to link to other Wiki pages.

I think we need a big section on getting started with KNP. A lot of us got a lot of help durin the 100-in-1 weekend, and I think we need to have a decent substitute for that if we want to be friendly to new folks and grow the group...

so it's wiki, so feel free to update and edit and modify. My goal is to have a page I can point people to, when I'm trying to recruit them for the KotM event.

In order to do Wiki-style

In order to do Wiki-style links, I think you have to choose Wiki Filter under Input Format, but that may invalidate all the BBCode-style links you've put in there. If you just use BBCode, you'll have to do full BBCode-style links, even to other wiki pages.

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well, bleh

well, bleh.
Any other thoughts on the page? or volunteers to punch it up?

Also, another thing: you

Also, another thing: you should make it clear in the noob FAQ that it's okay to make games (two-hour or otherwise) and upload or link to them here outside of the Klik of the Month events. If we weren't allowed to do that, we wouldn't have Alien Zit 2000 or Protal.

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Does the 2 hour mandate

Does the 2 hour mandate apply to much beyond KotM itself?

Like I've said, the one drawback to KotM is that it can theoretically discourage people from trying stuff at other times, even if it's more than 2 hours worth, because of the nice bit of attention you get when you lump it in with the rest of the works...

(My current idea is a revamp of this old "Cellular Automata Game Writing engine". Its possible but a stretch to get it in 2 hours. So I'm thinking about saving it for KotM, or writing an engine and then games in it (though the games will suck, they're likely only interesting because of the environment they'll be written in), or just keeping it as a totally separate project, and trying to get back to KNP for a bit.

So I started the KNP walkthru part of the FAQ last night. Actually, that's a good way for me to remind myself of what the system is like...

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I added a Q+A for that,

I added a Q+A for that, thanks.

BTW, I know I'm just a festering attention whore, and I know it's a work in progress, but I haven't gotten any feedback on the FAQ itself. (I'm realizing that at least the first draft will likely have to be all me.) Do people see it as a good thing, do they think the format works?

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It's a pretty rhinoceros

It's a pretty rhinoceros effort. I know formatting is a little limited, but can you make a table of contents/list of questions at the start with bbcode? Also if you don't mind i'm going to make the questions stand out a bit more.

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Dunno about the TOC/linking

Dunno about the TOC/linking capabilities. I guess you could do it w/o linking.

Feel free w/ the questions, though maybe then we should make the section dividers even bigger?

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Oops, I see what you did w/

Oops, I see what you did w/ the coloring for the questions. Fine with me, I duplicated the same effect on the Learning KNP FAQ.

Also, added a Q+A about going over the time limit, with some mention of the "how much prep is ok?" issue.

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first drafts done

I broke it out into seperate KotM and Learning KNP FAQs.

Could someone supplement them with info on locating and inserting MIDIs? Any anything else you can think of that might be helpful.

I'm pretty happy with the way they came out... I'm going to send out an email to 5 or 6 potential coders, if I'm lucky, maybe 1 or 2 will bite, but it's nice having these 2 introduction pages to point them to. Frankly, KNP kicked my ass at first, or at least i got frustrated when I couldn't make my "raining men" effect the way I wanted to , which is why I crawled off and started working in Java again. So for new people who didn't experience the 100 in 1 weekend, I hope this makes it more feasible.

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I added a table of contents

I added a table of contents to the noob faq. This was kind of a late-night job, so hopefully I didn't mess anything up too badly and the format isn't confusing. (It's probably a no-no to use a tags with nothing inside them as anchors, but it seems to work fine and I couldn't think of anything smarter at 3 am, okay?) (Though hey, it would be neat if we could use header and sub-header tags in bbcode or something)

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Looks good to me. Should we

Looks good to me. Should we do the same for the KNP FAQ I hobbled together?

(heh, I wonder if I'm the least qualified person to have done that FAQ, given how KNP doesn't really click for me, or if that somehow makes me more qualified to write something for beginners...)

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Actually, empty "a" tags as

Actually, empty "a" tags as anchors is pretty much exactly what you're supposed to do.

If you propose a bbcode syntax then I'll see about hacking the site to support it. It's not very difficult.