Skylathe 600km Shooting

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Finally almost done with my Afterburner clone which was the game that was too much for KOTM #4 to handle !!!. So I better get the hype machine warmed up on the bloody thing.

It features patented zoom scaling technology from my previous game Highway Speed only the next step up, which is objects scaling all around the screen rather than just down it. It is also much faster, 600km fast in fact and has sky that is more blue, which is a bulleted feature. If you've ever wanted to fly a jet really fast and shoot down other jets as they shoot at you and are too cheap to emulate arcade games for free then this game is definitely the one that will be for you.

Take me through the danger zone, baby.

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My brain is frothing at its

My brain is frothing at its tiny, grey, wrinkled mouth.

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Release Candidate Rhinoceros

Here is the first of hopefully one release, I think I busted them bugs so I am prematurely giving this release the title of rhinoceros. I have included the KnP dlls, for future members that may not have KnP yet but are interested in playing games that I have done. And because it makes it look more professional. I have no idea on the maximum size of files allowed for attachments but it accepted it so I assume that I am good to go.

So, here is Skylathe 600km Shooting, may you all defeat your enemies and dine in hell and all that jazz.

(all material copyright 2007 SHOOT entertainment Corp. except for the audio elements, that were stolen)

skylathe.zip1.25 MB
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Jesus Christ that is gorgeous

Jesus Christ that is gorgeous

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great mohammed of the

great mohammed of the mountain, he's right

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Agreed. That is one of the

Agreed. That is one of the best looking things I have ever seen/played on Klik n Play. I will never ever edit the .gam because I want to keep the magic a mystery.

Also, I love all the instructions:
"To survive enemy fire, you'll have to learn how to pilot your jet as if you were learning to fly a real jet."
"The red square indicates where your Vulcan Cannon will shoot to. It is always above your jet."

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That whole section was the

That whole section was the result of writing the text file before developing the game, which is something I don't usually do. The game was originally going to be really like Afterburner, with piloting the same jet before I made it nondescript and having barrel rolls before I found that was a bit beyond my ability with KnP (I believe that it's possible to get barrel rolling done but at that stage the storyboard was already 75 events long, all over the place and convoluted so I left it out. Just imagine how it would have been if I did add it though). I even structured the text file just like SMS Afterburner one and some of the lines got in there as a result prior to much rewriting after the game was finished.

I did leave that one in for comedy effect though.