Rolling Hills

Game File: 

Roll around on the rolling hills collecting diamonds. Left and right move in the obvious directions. Try not to get popped by pointy sticks falling from the sky. Get high points!

Made For: 
Pirate Kart 2


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all your games are really fun!

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Hereby nominating this for a

Hereby nominating this for a Disco Weenie Scream award for most subtly unsettling game. There's something about the music, the pawing at gems just out of reach, the motion of the hills, and the feeling that the earth is conspiring against you when the ground falls away under you to trap you in a trough just as an arrow bears down on you from above. Also, the purple trees. Nightmare food A++


I had fun with this one and I think it was the best of the games I made. I was especially happy about how the music turned out, as I don't have much composing experience.