The Illogical Journey of the Zambonis (Full Version)

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Help the Zambonis reach Zamboniville and maybe solve a few puzzles along the way!

Sound recommended.

Controls: Click on things

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An event


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Having played the first

Having played the first version of this ages ago, I'm SO happy to see this finished release!! This is a real definitive game of what GT is about I'd say :)

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That was awesome. I enjoyed

That was awesome. I enjoyed the story the entire way through and always felt the tension of having to make a decisions. I really appreciate how your fail-states are just as interesting as the sucesses; neither is favored content wise. Even so, I wanted to be as sucessful as possible. This was a great game.

My dad drives a ZAMBONI! He gave me a puck.

When I was growing up I watched like 2/3rds of the movie Airborne and it stuck with me. When I watched it many years later in the 08s / 09s it stuck with me because it captured an era of that time. This doesn't capture that time for me, but it reminds me of that time.

Zambonis were this thing I heard about after watching it 5 times. I remember Wiley's dad had a bumper car on his sweet station wagon with the slogan "My Other Car is a Zamboni!" I'd rewatch the movie again or find a clip of it and screencap that bump but I think just knowing it exists is enough suffice.

For that reason my review's kinda biased knowing just the name of that device that embosses the ice to a mint arena for nets and face nets and battle gear and stone cold strategy is enough to garner it praise without any extra in-depth knowledge at what I'm downloading.

You're looking at a 21.3 meg zip, it's in zip format because 7zip is still pretty new wave. It has a good chunk of voice and it's for the patient, like if you've got a little bit of time to sit through it and potentially even emote reactions in your brain waves and stuff. It gives that depth that you're in for something big, and I can't really spoil it because it's something only personal experience or a video on the tubes should spoil it, but it give you something I probably say in other assessments that I've typed in the past. It has that well constructed theme to it with just enough production that a lot of woik looks like it went into it and it's worth a dev to check out to see things in another light.

so good to see the final

so good to see the final version of this!
I have no idea about the original zamboni stuff but I like this so much
I agree with the above comment, it's what KnP Trainwrecking is all about

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That was great! Zoombinis

That was great! Zoombinis versus the Absurd. The voice acting worked really well.

yeah what accent is that

yeah what accent is that supposed to be

The voice acting is

The voice acting is surprisingly pleasant.

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I also appreciate the

I also appreciate the melodious sound of Noyb's voice.

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Really enjoyed playing. My

Really enjoyed playing. My jaw kept dropping more and more. I also have fond memories of the Zoombinis game. I don't know what else to say, but I really enjoyed everything. Thank you.