The Dungeon Of Mild Annoyance

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Note: Try installing RPG maker 2003 if game doesn't work.

This is the result of me trying to make an RPG maker game while simultaneously trying to learn how to operate RPG maker. The plot tries to mimic ihavefivehat's style (read: thanksgiving game, miss the point, etc) a bit. there are three "endings" so i recomend saving as soon as you open the interdimetional rift. Hopefully this RAR file actually contains a functional game.

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An event


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Nice work, I really enjoyed

Nice work, I really enjoyed the game!

I thought the way you ended the game worked fine, but if you do want to create a proper end screen for another game, you can import it as a parallax background and use it in a single-screen map of empty tiles. Then set the player's sprite to invisible and teleport there. There's also an event command that returns the player to the title screen which might help.

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Crash @ startup

Any idea why I might be encountering the error message, "The file vehicle cannot be opened." ?

I'm running the game in Windows 7, attempted both WinXP SP3 and Win2K compatibility mode, both with full admin permissions. Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I'm also running it in Windows 7 and it's working fine. I'm not using any special compatibility settings or running it as an admin. Is it possible that it either didn't download entirely or that it extracted badly?

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User Error

I neglected to heed the fine print up above: "THIS GAME REQUIRES RPG MAKER 2003 TO BE INSTALLED FIRST."

It's on me. The game would likely work just fine. I'll come back to this one. :)

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Well, it's kind of my fault

Well, it's kind of my fault too for not being bothered to upload 18 Megabytes of audiovisual data. i now uploaded a new build that SHOULD work without RPG maker.

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Works Great Now

It's tough! There's a big-ass dragon in there. And "Paralyze" doesn't work at all! I can't even find the option to cast it.