Love is not a Game

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I find this somewhat

I find this somewhat inscrutable. And since I don't have the font you used, it just says "Pick A" when I start it up.

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Thanks for playing!

Inscrutable why? lol Though you are missing the font you really aren't missing anything because the screenshot has all the information which is kinda funny, because in most other games the font not working would probably be an issue. Anyways, I'm going to upload a version where the text is a picture, so no one will have that problem, thanks for telling me it didn't work. :)

It's a game, but dating isn't

and this proves it. Sort of a quickly aligned dating simulator, kinda fast paced, and made not in a minute, but to span a minute's time, or less than that even. To download it and experience what's seen in the screenshot aren't too far off, but they're in there. The discomfort comes in thinking there's a choice, but there is no choice, just like most of the outcomes we face today if we so choose significant others. It is only under the guise that there is one, or that it's just a game, when in all most aren't ready for what's to come.

I had/have in my head something that reflects that yet to be translated to vn/game form, and hopefully to exceed the minute time. I'm happy if what I make can entertain for more than 10 . As a historian/researcher of the genre, I'll look over any sim date or likeness discussed at me whether it be an arcade title on a console or a mysterious adventure on another place in the world.

Anyway, that's what makes it thinks. It gives you the impression of something else without delving into that. Like you want to be there, but not sure if you do, or where, or the dangers associated with the choice. It says something that I'm not sure exactly what. It's one of those things that I did actually play a while back and though I grazed meditating on it I didn't quite finish the passage because I dunno, it's hard to say what was meant or not meant to get from it, but yeah, That's where it was and it decided. It might hit close to home depending on the mood of the viewer and what point of time, so I'll leave it at that. Solid work that I wouldn't mind something of similar to be extended on so there is more, or less to do rewsearch on.