lost in the blue wild frontier of heavens door: i'm knocking but can't get in yet - a flight sim for tired people

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a game about being a tiny plane in the middle of a huge sky

you can press buttons to move your plane. other things will move too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you're wondering if there's more to the game - there isn't! just relax and enjoy.

music by: me
plane grafx by: me

other stuff by: people on google

Made For: 
An event


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i like the very long title.

i like the very long title. i only played for a short time but it was a very calming game. 7/10

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Chill bra'

Is there a way to switch between the graphical styles or did I not play it long enough? Is this a screensaver style game? It's super chill. I couldn't tell what the music was because my roommate and his girl friend were play Katamari loudly in the same room. I'll play it again later so I can hear the sound, because that seems like the main/most important thing. Everyone is hanging out in the living room because it is super hot in my apartment. I should also probably play this game when it's cooler because this game seems nice and breezy. I would have liked to see a wrapping screen on this game because colliding with top and bottom took me out of the chill for a sec. idk if you wanted maximum chill or not, maybe also making the window bigger would have been cool. I want to see more like this, I feel like this chill sorta plane game could go super far.

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Yeah, you're right, the

Yeah, you're right, the window should definitely be bigger! Uh... how do you do that, though? :P I can't figure it out. Is there a way to make MMF2 games run full screen, by the way?

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Yup! To make the game run in

Yup! To make the game run in full screen the settings you click your project name in the Workspace Toolbar, then you go to the properties tab, then you click the thing that looks like a computer monitor. All the settings should be there. The individual frame screen settings are under the specific frames under properties under the computer monitor thing. If you want to make the screen bigger make sure that the application and the frame screen size are both large.

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I uploaded a new version. and yeah, full screen was the way to go!

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i enjoyed it

i enjoyed it